SIMIGRA project

Services for supporting foreign health workers integration to moderate workforce shortage - SIMIGRA project

The project is financed by UniCredit Foundation

Grant: EUR 50,500
Duration of the project: 1. September 2010. – 31. January 2013 
Reasonableness of the project
Early attrition, inadequate supplies, aging, health care workers who retire soon - just a few of many reasons why severe shortage of health care workers is an actual problem in Hungary. The most commonly cited factor is undoubtedly the migration of professionals to Western Europe. Doctors, nurses mainly, but other qualified health professionals enhance the workforce of the Member States. The rate of this - like the recently acceded EU countries - much more than we would be able to remedie with the usual tools.
Aims of SIMIGRA project
The development of a service package to support professional and social integration of foreign healthcare workers.
The service package consists of four elements:

  • Personal consultation
  • Information materials (e-learning materials) in different topics on the internet, in English and in Hungarian
  • Series of professional magazin in English and Hungarian
  • Methodological collection (for teachers) for teaching foreign students

The service package is located on where all these services are free of charge only registration is needed. The service package is available in English and in Hungarian.
Expected results
The professionals of GYEMSZI and UniCredit Foundation expect that the foreign healthcare workers already work in Hungary, as direct result of the project, receive information benefits as well as health professionals in the neighboring countries who plan working in Hungary. The information services are intended to help the Hungarian professionals who work abroad actually but they plan to return to the home. It also gives help for hospitals, employers who are open to apply for foreign workers to fill job vacancies. This leads to a growth in number of health care workers through a reduction of the pressure on them, and to an improvement in quality of care.
To reach our services
Once you have registered to the website your „Personal Desktop” appears. By clicking on „Repository” you can see the group „Information point for foreign healthworkers”. By clicking on the group you can join (by clicking on the icon „Join”).